13 Ⅺ 2015

The street light is ever present in our environment. And though there is some variation... they mostly look the same.
With emerging technologies like 3D Printing it doesn't have to be so any more.
Imagine a street in which every element can be unique. Where every street light has it's own shape.

The plan is to realise such a street today.


A light is created using the following steps:

  1. Lights are generated (grown) as a family of shapes in a system based on the Entoforms art project.*
    * Or for instance also the space ships at
  2. These are then 3D Printed full size in recyclable plastics on a Z Unlimited printer.*
    * As was done with the World Animal Protection Elephant
  3. The plastic object is cast in Metal using a pocess similar to Lost Wax casting.
  4. Lighting fixtures are added in the regular way to the metal light post.
  5. The light post is installed in the street/park/environment.

All of the above steps can be done now!

Currently we are looking for partners in this process.
Send an e-mail if you or your organisation/company wants to be part of our project.