42 Skulls Exhibit

13 Ⅲ 2018

42 SkullsOn friday the 13th of April 2018 for the first time you will be able to see the entire 42 Skulls series in person. Come visit at the Napoleon Shed in Amerongen if you can. For more information see the attached flyer (in Dutch).

The Shipwright is now open source!

05 Ⅰ 2018

The Shipwright webpage is now open source. You can get the files yourself via github.

An interview on 3D Natives

14 Ⅰ 2016

3D NativesA very nice interview with myself surfaced on the 3D Natives website.

Thorbecke in 3D

20 Ⅻ 2015

ThorbeckeFor an exhibit in the the Hague city hall I helped facilitate the 3D scan and print of a statue of Thorbecke that can normally be found as a 4m tall piece of bronze in Amsterdam.

All my work on Cults 3D

06 Ⅺ 2015

Cults 3DThanks to the assistance of their great crew, you can now find all my published 3D models on Cults 3D.

Run Petunia!

23 Ⅹ 2015

Run Petunia!Because today is the Suzanne Festival at the Blender Conference. I thought I'd re-introduce an old friend...Go to my website and type letter p on your keyboard (you may be there already).


Make your own Entoform

15 Ⅹ 2015

EntoformsFor the 2010 Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam I created an interactive installation where people could generate their own Entoform. You can now try it yourself on-line at my experimental website.

Scans for show

02 Ⅹ 2015

Hoe maakt u hetDuring the the Hague Maker Fair I spent the day scanning and 3D printing people. The end result can now be seen at the small workshop (Boekhorststraat 97). For now the tableau is in the window.... stop by to see if you recognise someone (or yourself!).

The Hague Maker Fair

27 Ⅸ 2015

Hoe maakt u hetOn Sunday the 27th of September 2015 I will be in the small workshop (Boekhorststraat 97) to help everyone scan themselves and each other in 3D! Stop by between 12:00 and 17:00 to become part of our facewall! For more information see the Haagse Makers website.

Residency at the small workshop

01 Ⅷ 2015

De Kleine WerkplaatsStarting August 1st of 2015 I will say goodbye to Lokaal 33 and start my residency at the Small Workshop (De Kleine Werkplaats) in the Hague. The small workshop is an initiative of 'Haagse Makers'. At this location we help people make things and learn how to do so. Since it is a public shop space feel free to stop by, though I advise you check with me to make sure I'm there.

Find us at:
Boekhorststraat 97, The Hague

Won an Esprit award

23 Ⅳ 2015

Bronze Esprit AwardThe campaign for the Wold animal protection won a Bronze esprit award.

A Spin Award for the WAP campaign

20 Ⅳ 2015

Spin AwardThe campaign for the Wold animal protection won a Spin award.

We got an ADCN Award

8 Ⅳ 2015

ADCN AwardThe Elephant campaign for the Wold animal protection received an ADCN Award.

A short documentary

12 Ⅲ 2015

A Documentary on VimeoYou can see a short making off documentary (featuring myself) about the Elephant campaign on vimeo. An excellent job by Klaas Arie Westland!

The Elephant in the papers

03 Ⅲ 2015

NRC NextIn an article of Dutch newspaper NRC Next you can find a big image of the elephant I designed for the WAP.

Residency at Lokaal 33

28 Ⅹ 2014

lokaal33After a lovely period working as a resident out of Atelier Pro, where I was made to feel very welcome. I now found a new corner to print in at Lokaal 33(translates to Room 33). I will be working from here for the near future though I always keep my eyes open for new opportunities.


28 Ⅹ 2014

go3d-muscomAs of November 4th the Museum of Communication in the Hague (my town) presents Go3D… a year long exhibit about 3D Printing. The exhibit includes several projects of mine. Notably the Entoforms, Shipwright and the Phantoms in the Grid.

Kunst Rai

4 Ⅵ 2014

calavera-03-a-trois-quartFrom 04 June till & including June 9th you can see some of my works at the 2014 Kunst RAI at the Rai in Amsterdam. The Chiefs & Spirits gallery will be showing my Colourful Skulls (Calaveras).

The skulls will have their debut at the RAI! And it will also be the first time any of my pieces have been shown there. Stop by Stand 53 to see them for yourself.

Atelier Pro

4 Ⅵ 2014

I’m very excited to reveal that for a period I will be in residence at Atelier Pro.

Atelier Pro

Atelier Prois an architectural firm in The Hague where animated professionals are actively engaged with architecture, urban development, interior design and building and costs management.

They’ve made me feel very welcome (see their blog). I’m looking forward to working in their beautiful building, and perhaps some interesting cooperative projects.

Uwatela Elephants

26 Ⅳ 2014

elephant en profilNow available… the Uwatela Elephant set! You can not only create completely abstract shapes, but also challenge yourself to create a specific animal. This set can be combined with any other Uwatela sets for unlimited possibilities. Get em while they’re hot off the printer!


7 Ⅱ 2014

base-setUwatela is an abstract toy set. You can use it to create shapes that resemble something else, or nothing at all.

Today the website was published, and as of now you can order your very own set for 14,95.

Blender for 3D Printing Presale

26 Ⅳ 2013

Hi everyone.

Very exciting news… My very first training DVD just went into pre-sale! I’m working hard… finishing the last couple of video recordings and we will be ready for shipping in a few weeks! You can order the DVD from http://www.blender.organd there is a preview video on

The Entoforms at the Vivarium

5 Ⅳ 2013

A select few Entoforms are now available with free shipping in the shop at the Odd Luminary! This is a wonderful wunderkammer of a webshop has long been a favourite of mine. I’m really excited that they decided to add my creatures to their collection. ThankscousinCate!

The Entoforms in Nijmegen

25 Ⅰ 2013

This sunday is the opening of a 3D printing exhibit at the Lindenberg house of arts in Nijmegen (Netherlands). You can see the Entoforms there until Februari 17th along with works by amongst others Michiel Cornelissen andDirk van der Kooi. You can find more information here:

The Holidays are coming!

23 Ⅺ 2012

This year I have a bunch of special items on sale for the Holidays. Get yourself a Blu or Gree from my Etsy shop. Or surprise yourself or a friend with one of macouno’s misfits!

Get your Christmas tree the decoration it would pick!… A fibonacci based 3D printed Pine Cone!

And that’s not even all… more things are on the way!! It’s going to be an extra special very 3D Christmas indeed!

This weekend you can see the Entoforms exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam and the Shapeways booth at theDutch Design Week in Eindhoven (both in the Netherlands).


4 Ⅹ 2012

Back in 2010 I created a small model for a Blender 3D course. His name is Blu, and I’ve been using him as a base for lots of different characters ever since. Today I decided to create a version to print with my Makerbot Replicator.

Go here to download the model from the thingiverse.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when creating something for an extruder type 3D printer is really… “overhangs”. You can’t make very steep overhangs! So I had to make Blu’s chin a lot lesschiselled. I also made his feet bigger, placed them closer together… and notably… made his arms part of the main body so that the entire model is a single neat closed hull.

The Variable Cross

17 Ⅷ 2012

The Variable Cross is my latest 3D printing experiment. It uses a lot of the ideas and code from the Entoforms and the other pages at

The page uses WebGL & Javascript to let you create your very own Pendant design, which can then be 3D printed (by ShapeWays) in Sterling Silver. The base models were all created in the freeBlender 3Dsoftware, and exported using my own custom Python script.

The Entoforms at the AFSH

16 Ⅳ 2012

This entire week the Entoforms are on display in their very own booth at the rather prestigious Art & Antiques fair in den Bosch (the Netherlands).

For more information about the fair see:
For more information about the Entoforms see:

Stop by if you can! I’m there myself a few days during the week and the entire weekend.

Exhibiting the Entoforms at Puntspatie

1 Ⅲ 2012

This morning I was in amsterdam to bring the Entoforms to the office of Puntspatie for an exhibit. You can find them there all of this month. Be sure to have a look if you visit the Artis zoo, or happen to pass by. The exhibit is right across the street from the entrance (Plantage Kerklaan 45).

Six months of silence

31 Ⅰ 2012

To my shame it has been 6 months since my last news post. A great deal has happened.

The Entoforms have progressed heaps. I showed them as the “featured artist” at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam last October. And the website has had a complete redo.

I also started a project called the Shapewright. It is a website where you can create custom/unique objects to have 3D printed (or download to print your own). I took part in the Mozilla Festival last October showing people some of what makes it work, and making some stuff with them on the spot.

Another new project I started is the Blender Icons art book. It will be a book with the best works made in Blender 3D. So far over 80 images have been submitted by over 60 registrars. It’s going great and I hope we can publish it some time this year.

You can now also purchase a few of my patterns on Spoonflower.
And I opened an Etsy shop offering some special items!

My work was mentioned in 2 talks at the Blender Conference. One about art history, and one by Shigeto Maeda! I also had the honour to meet Shige in person and we exchanged art pieces (I’m sothankful).

Last but not least I moved back to The Hague. It’s a much friendlier city than Amsterdam (only 45min by train), and I already feel completely at home here in our cosy apartment.

All in all it has been a hectic time, with more on the way. I’ll try to keep you all informed!

The final push

17 Ⅶ 2011

After two months the crowdfunding campaign for the Entoforms is nearly over. So there’s only two more weeks left for you to get your own Entoform for very little money. After August 1st you’ll spend nearly 4 times as much for one.

Campaigning is really very much an emotional roller-coaster. I’ve already had quite some failures and successes. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll do these last two weeks… but I’m doing everything I can to make the campaign succeed. If you can help in any way… please do, or if you have a brilliant idea… please share… feel free to e-mail me. goes live!

16 Ⅴ 2011

It took 6 months, and the equivalent of a 300 page book in writing, it’s time to take my current project to the next level!

The new website is on-line!

I also started a crowdfunding campaign! You can get your very own Entoform.

Spread the word!

There are two banners available.

Thank you all ever so much!
Dolf (macouno)

Moving along

11 Ⅲ 2011

It has been a while since I last posted news… and a lot has happened lately. Most notably I’ve spent the last two months working on my Entoforms series. The project has gotten some attention on Blendernation as well as on thingyverse for instance.

Also.. see here on the right… Meta-androcto made a beautiful render of Petunia using luxrender! Thanks for giving me a copy meta… it’s always cool to see this stuff!

I spent this week teaching Blender at Highlander in London (England), and will soon teach a course at the CBK in Den Bosch (Netherlands). Feel free to contact them (or me) if you are interested in taking part.

Upcoming events

21 Ⅹ 2010

This fall/winter I already have quite a few events to attend/speak at. This is where you might bump into me.

  • November 11th, I’m talking about sharing media, and the Creative Commons license at the mediapark in Hilversum, in cooperation with Kennisland.
  • December 3rd, I’ll be in Utrecht to give Blender 3D demos for Dutch Policy makers in cooperation with Kunstfactor.
  • Also I’ll be leading a 2 day Blender 3D workshop at the art academy in Cologne sometime this fall or early in Januari, dates to be confirmed.

Wrapping up Sintel and moving on

17 Ⅹ 2010

SintelSintel premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival with great success! Not only that but it has already been released on the web, and has been seen by a couple million people! I also just now posted a series of stills from the film here to show you some of what I did. The posters have been printed, and delivered this week, and the DVD’s are on their way.

I finished my first Lenticular project. The very first proof print is currently at the gallery. Go there to see it, or… hang on for a bit, because we’re planning a lot more!

At long last I found the time to finish the “meerkat” (now titled Sentry). I started the image before I joined the Durian/Sintel team (over 6 months ago), and only now finished it. Already I’m getting a lot of positive responses, and am considering doing a small series in this style.

Last but not least… it is almost time for the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam. My work has been shown at similar events before but never this one. I’m very excited and will attend the fair myself on Wednesday the 27th of October during the “Private View”.

Durian Project screening

20 Ⅶ 2010

Last sunday was the private screening of Sintel (also known as the Blender Institute’s Project Durian). After being involved in the project for the last 5 months it was simply epic to view the nearly finished film on the big screen with full surround sound. Sadly, today, half the team is getting on a plane home. And as for myself… I will help wrap up a few last things, and perhaps create a tutorial or two to conclude my own involvement for now. The project has been life changing, the crew will be missed dearly. On to the next adventure! I hope to see you all there!

BoganBlender published

16 Ⅴ 2010

I just now uploaded my first build of BoganBlender. It’s a version of Blender that attempts to remove all “arbitrary” limits on input values. That also makes it somewhat unstable, and well… use at your own risk. But it should enable us to do things with Blender that aren’t normally possible.

You can find the Linux 64bit Blender Render Branch build here

Thanks to Campbell Barton for writing the patch. He is ehm… well not exactly opposed to the idea, but doesn’t really like it hehe. So extra thanks for writing something that you think is silly Cam, you’re a hero ;)

You can find the patch here

Be aware that if you edit/create blender files in this version, you may not be able to use them in other versions, and… they may well crash computers and do things you don’t want… this is a HIGHLY experimental version of Blender.

Color it! Oinkie

14 Ⅴ 2010

Shapeways published a nice new feature that I’m proud I got to help out with. You can now color your very own piggybank! Go here to have a look. There is also an article about it on

Sintel trailer released

14 Ⅴ 2010

After a lot of long days, and sleepless nights for some of the team, we finally released the trailer. It’s great to be able to show the world some of what we’ve been up to. More to come!

OZMO6:2 released

7 Ⅳ 2010

Dutch rapper Blaxtar released his new album OZMO6:2 last wednesday. He had a great party at the beautiful Tuschinski movie theatre in Amsterdam. I am very proud to have contributed to the creation of his record cover together with Torben Raun.

First week at the Durian Open Movie project

24 Ⅲ 2010

Hi all. Today I had my second full day at the Blender Institute with the Durian team. Find out more about the project here. I already wrote some scripts, found some bugs, been working on a big city scene, played soccer with the guys, and fed the ducks with Nathan. All in all a great start. The photo was taken by Colin Levy.

Project London Multiply Teaser

24 Ⅲ 2010

The crew from Project London (which I’m proud to have been a part of) have yesterday released a brand new, awesome teaser trailer! I’m actually in this one’s credits as well. Go have a look!

A course at the SKVR

22 Ⅲ 2010

Starting this April 19th I’m giving an 8 week (once a week every Monday evening) course in Blender 3D at the SKVR in Rotterdam. I believe some spots are still available right now. Also I’m giving a 3.5hr workshop there on Saturday the 27th of March. You need to reserve a seat if you want to take part. Go here for more information about that.

I created a small model that we’ll use during the Saturday workshop.

Shapeways switches to a new rendering system

11 Ⅲ 2010

The 3D printing community Shapeways is switching to a brand new Blender 3D based rendering system for previews of their models. I’m glad to have assisted them in the design of the scene and materials. You can read more about it on Blendernation.

Joining the durian team

3 Ⅲ 2010

After I moved to Amsterdam last weekend, Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Institute asked me to drop by for a chat. I’m thrilled to report he asked me to join the Durian team for the latter stages of the Blender open movie project. The news should hit the official website next week. I’ll be starting in 2 weeks after I finish a couple of my running projects. In the meantime I’ll already join the weeklies, and try to learn as much about Blender 2.5, and the state of the project as I can.

Tidal on television

23 Ⅱ 2010

A few prints from my short ‘Tidal‘ were on display at the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels last weekend. The Chiefs and Spirits Gallery (that has my work in their collection) was also featured as the backdrop of an interview with Will Ramsay, the organiser of the Fair. This means that the work was seen by at least a million Belgians. I went to the Fair myself and had a great time. You can see the interview here (Tidal can be seen at the left top at around 2min into the piece).

Tidal at the Kunst Salon

28 Ⅰ 2010

I just found out that my gallery is taking the ultra high-res prints of Tidal to the Kunst Salon (Art Salon) in eindhoven. The event will take place Januari 28th/31st. And of course next month the work will travel to Belgium for the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels as well. Stop by to have a look if you’re in the area!

Meta-Androcto’s Petunia

17 Ⅻ 2009

I just now saw Meta-androcto’s Petunia based material experiments. It’s nice to see how different a model it can be just with n alternate material. You can find the thread on

Gallery Exhibit

3 Ⅻ 2009

My work is exhibited at the Chiefs and Spirits gallery in the Hague. We made three very high resolution prints based on the short film Tidal, which was released earlier this year. The prints will also be shown at the Miljonair Fair in Amsterdam, the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels, and perhaps also the one in London. But you can always drop by the gallery to have a look!

Shiny Petunia spotted

29 Ⅺ 2009

I just now stumbled upon a nice mod someone made of Petunia over at the lumalab forum. Thanks Engys for showing what you did! It once again proves how cool it is to give away your models for free. He also did a little walkcycle you can find on the forum.

Project London in the spotlight

28 Ⅺ 2009 did a really nice interview with ‘the’ Ian Hubert. Project london is getting some nice attention on the web. Secretly I’m most excited about seeing an image of the Goose that I personally hadn’t seen before. I’m still very proud of that model!

Tidal in Chasse Cinema

12 Ⅺ 2009

Tidal will be shown in the Chasse Cinema theatre in Breda (Netherlands) as part of edition 30 of the Blindemuur project. The short will be one of a series of films that will be played continuously until December 9th.

I also released an "animatic" of the short to show you all a bit of the process of creating the short.
You can see it on
Or on youtube:

Tidal (for the bins) released!

23 Ⅹ 2009

I was finally able to finish and publish my short film Tidal! It was shown for the first time last friday night during the Blender Conference Animation festival. All the animation/rendering/editing/audio work was done in just two weeks. I could not have completed it without a little help from my friends (check the credits). Of course it’s also released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

You can see it on
Or on youtube:

A workshop at the HHS

1 Ⅸ 2009

I was invited to give a 4 day workshop at the ‘Haagse Hoge School‘. The group I taught consisted of 16 students who were just starting their games minor. We had an interesting, fun & productive week, both in Blender 3D and with paper & scissors!

48hr Film contest Richmond

Ⅶ 17 2009

For the second year running I was invited by Hand Turkey Studios to join their 48hr Film Project Team. We entered in the Richmond 48hr Film Project competition. Unlike last year, we actually finished this time around. Mostly because the team was littered with some of the most talented Blender 3D artists in the world. It was a great honour simply to be asked to take part, and once again great fun!

Talking at Sideseen

15 Ⅴ 2009

I’ve been asked to give a one hour talk about Blender 3D at the new Video Art & Electronic Music event Sideseen in Rotterdam on friday May the 15th. There are also people there form the SAE Institute talking about 3D animation. After the talks thereare lots of DJ’s/VJ’s and what looks like heaps of fun. Perhaps even a drink or two.

Writersrecommendations goes Alpha

27 Ⅳ 2009

A side project of mine that I’ve wanted to do for over a year, has just now gone alpha. That means it’s online, but still being developed, so not completely finished. is a site where you can find books recommended by your favourite authors. There are still lots of features that need to be added, and there’s an immense ammount of data to find and enter. But its there and the big stuff works. You can already register, and help out by submitting information. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the library this summer, looking for blurbs.

Petunia spotted in mechanical engineering magazine!

16 Ⅳ 2009

Sam Brubaker was kind enough to send me a scan of this April’s copy of Mechanical Engineering magazine. Shapeways once again made the news, and the magazine put Petunia on the page rather prominently. Once again there’s proof that giving away things is cool!

Photos of my oil paintings published online

8 Ⅳ 2009

Right after I finished my stint at the art academy in 1999, I spent a few years in my studio working on a first series of oil paintings. A number of them have been sold in the meantime, but I still have a few. Since the light was quite nice in my appartment today I decided to take some photos, and put them here on my website.

You can view the paintings here.

Four albums released on Jamedo

1 Ⅳ 2009

A while ago I put a selection of my oldmusic recordings online at as mp3′s. Since quite a few people seem to enjoy the tracks I decided to upload all my albums to So now the songs can be downloadedmore easily as well.

Naturally the license is also Creative Commons By 3.0 just like everything onthiswebsite. That means that you can use the tracks for whatever you want, as long as you give me credit for creating them.

A workshop in Cologne

18 Ⅱ 2009

I will lead a two day workshop at the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Cologne Germany. On thursday and friday we will explore character modelling, rigging, and the basics of animation. As a special treat we’ll spend saturday having an open lab experimenting with the institute’s new motion capture equipment.

Petunia spotted

4 Ⅱ 2009

Once again shapeways has made it into the news. This time on the rather well known dutch website On the page is a small video, and if you really pay attention you can see Petunia standing in the background in a couple of shots.

First two Escherisms released

26 Ⅰ 2009

At this point in time I am studying the life, and work of MC Escher. To really understand what he did, and learn the lessons he learnt I am not just reading books, but also creating a series of works using his techniques, and ideas. Hopefully I can find the time to also visit a few of the places that inspired him. It is not my goal to copy what he has done, but to learn, improve my skills, knowledge, and take pattern design as a whole to a new level.

You can find the first two designs of the new series amongst my patterns.

Release a great succes!

29 Ⅻ 2008

A week ago I released all my design files. Or at least, those that I could find. I have to say how incredible the response has been! Within the first 24 hours after the news hit blendernation, and the blenderartists forums this site logged over 2000 downloads. In a week it’s grown to over 4000! I had expected perhaps a few hundred. It proves to me that my choice was the right one.

Thank you everyone! Don’t forget to let me know what you’ve done with my work.

Releasing my designs

22 Ⅻ 2008

After having a long deep think I finally decided to release the design files for all my published works. Since I’ve always been taught to protect my copyrights and source files it was a big step, but I’m confident it’s the right way to go.

You can read a bit more about it on blendernation and my post at the blenderartists forum.

I chose to release under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This means that anyone can use my works for anything they want, as long as they mention me as the creator/source of the design.

Petunia in paper

16 Ⅻ 2008

Emu made this wonderfull paper version of Petunia. This really is the reason I love giving things away for free. It’s incredibly motivating to see what people come up with.

For the full post with more images, and an explanation of how he did it go here.

Exhibit in Kingsport

7 Ⅻ 2008

For the second year running a design of mine is shown at the International Digital Art Show in Kingsport Tennessee. See the website of organiser Byron Kindig for some more information.

Exhibiting at La Copes

1 Ⅺ 2008

Three of my new works are now shown at La Copes in The Hague. It is a lovely cafe/lunchroom where you can get an excellent Spanish style sandwich. Go there for lunch and see some of my work in full size.

The address of the cafe is Koninginnegracht 74, which is at the corner of the ‘Laan Copes van Cattenburch’, and the ‘Koninginnegracht’.

Blender boy t-shirts published

28 Ⅹ 2008

Some of you may have noticed that autodesk acquired softimage. Some brilliantly funny people made a spoof video about it. In this video the term ‘BLENDER BOY’ is used as an insult. Many of us Blender users thought this was hilarious. So I decided to put some t-shirts in a shop and have them advertised on blendernation, just for fun, and to celebrate blender users everywhere.

Time for the Blender Conference

24 Ⅹ 2008

Once again it’s that time. The Blender Conference hits Amsterdam. For the third year running I am taking care of the Animation Festival and Suzanne awards. This year I received a record number of entries. Some 75 people sent in their best 3d videos made in the last year.

As for the previous two conferences, this year I also got a LOT of help from volunteers with the presentation!

Modelling for Kennisnet

20 Ⅹ 2008

I was asked by the people from Kennisnet to help them with a 3D printing project. For their Surfnet Kennisnet Innovationprogram they went to a classroom, and had the school children come up with a new installation for their playground. I got the design and refined it/made a 3d model. This was then printed by shapeways so the children could see their design in real life! They also made a small video presentation (in dutch) about the project.

The paddywagon is done

16 Ⅹ 2008

It took a while, but finally an image has appeared with the Paddywagon in it! It is one of the two models I’ve been working on for Project London. Ian did an amazing job texturing the model. Personally I can not wait to see it animated! Go see the blog for more information. In the meantime I’ll continue working on my second model, the Goose!

Lecture in Amsterdam

5 Ⅹ 2008

I did a small talk about 3d/open source, and how much fun it is to do cool projects with volunteers at the animation days at ‘Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond‘. The event there was organised by the people from ‘Doe het niet zelf‘. See their website for more information.

Shapeways uses Petunia

27 Ⅶ 2008

Petunia is a 3d robot model that I created for the 2007 Blender Conference Art Festival. Shapeways decided to add a nice picture of a prototyped version of the bot to their press corner. Since then the lovely image appeared at several news websites/items.

Here’s a small list

The 48hr film project

20 Ⅶ 2008

Jason v Gumster of Hand Turkey Studios invited me to help out with the Richmond 48hr film project he entered with a crack team. The 48hr project is a competition, which is normally entered by regular film crews. They head out into the city and try to shoot/edit a short film in just 2 days. Jason was crazy enough to enter with a 3D team, which is truly truly insane. I Helped out with some modelling and animation. It was great fun, and I hope he asks me again next year, and perhaps then I can join the team on location, in stead of over the internet!

Talking at the Slobodni Festival

12 Ⅶ 2008

I gave a talk and workshop at the Slobodni Festival in Cakovec Croatia (Slobodni means Free). It was a great pleasure to meet all the people. I spoke about Petunia on the 12th and showed some 3D tricks in Blender on the 13th.

We were in luck, because the actfest was in town as well, so in the evenings we could sit in the grass on the outskirts of town to enjoy some punk music and hotdogs!

Giving a workshop at the Hogeschool Rotterdam

27 Ⅲ 2008

On March the 27th there’s a big special day at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. The students will get the chance to take a look in the kitchen of several occupations. I have been asked by the departments of Games & Simulations, Grafimediatechnologie to tell them something about 3D design and games development.

The blimp was recovered

11 Ⅱ 2008

I thought I had lost the file, but thankfully Ian Hubert managed to find his copy. He used the balloon/blimp in the motion picture Ideality, which is free to download. So I added the file to thepage where you can already find an image of itin my 3D graphics section. Big thanks to Ian, because now we can all play around with it. Go see Ideality, and the new movie Ian is working on (and I get to help a little with) Project London!

The goose is cooked

14 Ⅰ 2008

For a while I’d been working on the Goose, my second model for Project London. It was perhaps one of the hardest models I’ve ever done, but I’m well pleased with the entire process. Last month I finally completed it. And now, the first footage with the model in it has been published! See the blog for more information and a video with the Goose doing a nice backflip.

Cooking for the Peach crew

5 Ⅰ 2008

In my ignorance I once mentioned to Ton Roosendaal that I’d cook dinner for the crew if he ever organised another project. Since now the making of Big Buck Bunny or Project Peach is in full swing, I had to make good on my promise. So with the help of fellow dutch artist Pim (mifune) I headed to Amsterdam to cook for the boys. Naturally we made them the traditional dutch winter food: hutspot/stamppot rauwe andijvie/zuurkoolstamppot. It went down well, and was a great evening. We even got a sneak peek at what they’re working on!

Creating a Rubiks Cube as a computer game

14 Ⅺ 2007

As a small side project Brian Hynds and I worked on creating a rubics cube in Blender 3D. Almost all the interactivity was programmed by me in Python. In basis the game works as a proof of concept.

The files are no longer available for download.

Time for the Blender Conference!

12 Ⅹ 2007

It is once again that time of year. Leaves are falling, the drizzle comes down steadily over the Netherlands, and everyone who uses Blender is headed for Amsterdam. This year the Blender Conference is taking place at De Zwijger for the first time. For me… I am once again in charge of the Blender Conference Animation Festival. I undertook rather a big project this time to create the announcements.

Exhibit in Kingsport

2 Ⅻ 2006

For nearly three weeks an exhibit has been organised in Kingsport Tennessee. One of my works will be shown there. You can find more information on the website of Byron Kindig. There was also an article in the local news about it.

A lecture at Hogeschool Zeeland

13 Ⅺ 2006

I was asked to give an afternoon’s lecture at the Hogeschool Zeeland on Blender 3D creation and animation.

Time for the Blender Conference

20 Ⅹ 2006

It is that time of year again. We are all headed to Amsterdam for the 3 day Blender Conference. For the first time I’m really involved. Ton put me in charge of the Blender Conference Animation Festival. I got a group of my friends to help out make some interesting announcements.

Blender sprint in Innsbruck

20 Ⅸ 2006

For a week a group of talented 3d artists headed to Innsbruck in Austria to help out the Zukunftszentrum Tirol. We worked on realising a 3D cave projection system. The team was incredibly talented, and we had an absolute blast. I was incredibly happy to be a part of it. You can see a small video Alexandre Rangel made here on youtube. And here is the official video.